Meet the Maker: Michael Overstreet

Overstreet-MichaelRobotic challenge!

Michael will be holding competitions, demonstrations, workshops and talks with a Robotic theme! The competitions will be like a mini Robogames. The two main events will be Mech warfare and humanoid Kung-Fu! Talks and workshops will be with a robotic theme. I am working on bringing in experts from all over the world! View a video of one such humanoid robot!

About the Maker: I am a computer programmer by day and an amateur roboticist by night. I have been to the last 5 Robogames in San Francisco and the last 4 Chibotica events in Chicago. I have won 3 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze metals at Robogames in humanoid events with various versions of my humanoid robot Boomer. I also belong to CCCKC Hackerspace.

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