Art Cars That Are Out Of This World

Art Car Party 2005 46









Pat Slimmer is one of the organizers for the Lawrence KS Art Car event and paradeArt Tougeau. He has been interested in all things mechanical and art from a very early age and built his first motorized bicycle when he was 12 years old. Slimmer has been a professional automotive mechanic since 1977 and has owned his own shop since 1993. He loves the art of mechanics. Slimmer has been building Art Cars for years.

art_tougeau_car_parade004_t640The Flying Saucer from Outer Space” was built in four months in 2005. The chassis is an early 60s Cushman industrial cart, he bent most of the metal of the tubing using a form made out of scrap 2×6 lumber. Slimmer also used a 55-gallon metal drum to bend the top ring. He built everything himself except for the Plexiglas bubble. The Saucer was an award winner at the Houston Art Car Parade in 2006.

Slimmer also builds Art Bikes and will bring a couple of tall bikes that he built for his sons to Maker Faire.

The Dodge Neon (Plastered) is a Mosaic of beer caps that was completed in a two-month period in 2006. It required 10 cases of silicone to glue the caps on.


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