Mech Warfare Robotics Competition

Maker Faire will be featuring some of the most innovative robots in the region. They will descend upon Union Station in Kansas City to show off their fighting abilities in Mech Warfare. Below, check out some of the robots and inventors who will be at Maker Faire.

Robotic Challenge

5788522416_a8c627f5a2_oMichael Overstreet is a computer programmer by day and an amateur robotics fanatic by night. He has been to the last five Robogames in San Francisco and the last four Chibotica events in Chicago. He has won three gold, two silver and four bronze metals at Robogames in humanoid events with verse version on his humanoid robot, Boomer.

At Maker Faire, Overstreet will engage in competitions, demonstration, workshops and robotics-themed talks. The competitions will be like a mini Robogames. The two main events will be Mech warfare and humanoid Kung-Fu! Learn more here.

Hi No Hikari

dsc_8691Che Edoga is an artist, roboticist, futurist, naturalist, and educator. He serves as the lead mentor for the Oak Harbor Robotics Club, team 2980. He has also served as a science and robotics teacher for more than 10 years. Edoga also works as a multi-media artist and kinetic sculptor.

Che Edoga will be at Maker Faire with his biped robot, which will participate in humanoid fighting and Mech Warfare. The robot can shoot BBs and rockets. Learn more here.


Eric Diehr built Immortal, a remotely operated walking robot made for Mech Warfare. Main features are a turret with two high powered airsoft machine guns, a wifi camera, and 16 degrees of freedom in its four legs.









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