Meet the Maker: Brock DeBoer

Brock DeBoer lives and produces work in Kansas City, Mo. In his studio in the old City Ice Building, he produces everything from sinks to dinnerware to porcelain rocks. He is always searching for a new process or tool to help facilitate his ideas and mediums. Typically the work that he produces is wheel-thrown or slip-cast from a plaster mold. The objects are then used for many applications such as lighting and sinks.

3D Printing and Porcelain: Discovering A New Process

At Maker Faire, he will be using a 3D printer to produce original ABS plastic forms which will later be reproduced in porcelain and other materials. The 3D printer will allow him to produce much more complex forms and explore relationships between fabrications and components.  The printed objects will be used as a starting point to produce functional items such as cups or plates.  The printed objects will range from rocks to pieces of architecture utilizing the ability to produce them seamlessly combining them with each other.

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