Meet the Maker: Erica Binns

erica1Erica Binns first started sewing in earnest after she visited a quilt show with her mom. She saw a design and fell in love. After that, she couldn’t resist making one for herself. The quilt sparked dozens of other projects, including her first Renaissance garb, but her true calling when she discovered anime at the University of Kansas Anime Club in Lawrence, Kan.

A costumer at heart, she simply couldn’t resist trying her hand at recreating some of the exquisite works of art in 3D. The first cosplay she sewed for herself was Chi from the anime Chobits. After winning a few awards, she was hooked. After a time, her friends started to come to her with requests to make them costumes and accessories.

She is certain that she will continue sewing and costuming for the rest of her life. It is one of her greatest joys to bring joy to others, and for her there is no better way to do that than creating stitched-together works of art.

Dr. Horrible Lab Coats and Other Fabric Creations

Binns will demonstrate the construction of Dr. Horrible lab coats. She invites guests to stop by to get a homemade, screen-accurate lab coat pattern or a lab coat in both red or ivory.


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