Meet the Maker: Jeanee Duval

jeaneeJeanee Duval is a professional graphic designer for Hallmark Cards, Inc. by day and a crafter with a love for cute by night. She first started to make aprons and then discovered cupcake bath fizies were her niche. Duval makes bath bombs in mini cupcake shapes, handmaking the fizzies in her home kitchen. She mixes the ingredients, uses a mold for the “cupcake” and hand pipes the “icing.” She also draws all the packaging by hand down to hand-cutting the labels.


Cupcake Bath Fizzies

Simply drop in bathtub under running water and the cupcake will fizz and dissolve with a fragrance. No cupcake paper liners and No sprinkles floating in your tub to get in the way. The fizzies can even spruce up home pedicures for a foot soak. This twist on the bath bomb makes a unique gift. It is safe for sensitive skin, fun for little girls and calorie free!





























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