Meet the Maker: Korey Haug

Korey Haug is a senior at Pembroke Hill High School. Next year, he will attend Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh for Electric and Computer Engineering. Active in his school community, Korey leads the FIRST robotics team, participates in Science Olympiad, and has taken a variety of higher level science classes. He is also an Eagle Scout.

GuruBlimp: An Experiment in Aerial Robotics

The GuruBlimp is a robotic, self-guiding non-rigid airship that derives its commands from GPS coordinates. Functioning as a completely autonomous vehicle, the GuruBlimp’s onboard computer uses a compass and GPS to calculate where it is and where it is going. With user input, GuruBlimp takes off, flies to any number of user-designated locations and performs user-designated tasks, such as shooting aerial video footage, then returns to its original starting location. With the technical framework for robotic aviation, different functions such as atmospheric light readings, temperature monitoring, radiation readings, payload transfer, and payload delivery are all easily possible.

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