Meet the Maker: Tex Jernigan

Star Base Projects

Tex Jernigan is an artist whose projects often create photo-ops which invite the public to participate. His latest work is a series of collaborations with Jared Wilson called Star Base Projects, a series of hi-tech and lo-tech creations that often brink on cosmic, epic, famous or otherwise iconic situations. They make experimental portrait systems in studio, in public, on the street, and for private parties. Whenever possible, they like to invite others to participate, and create their own portraits.

Star Base Projects began as a series of portrait events at their art studio in Kansas City, Mo. located in the basement of the Monarch Building at 39th and Main. In addition to Tex Jernigan and Jared Wilson, the studio includes Dominique KarwoskiShawn Old, and Joe Lawlor, pictured below.

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