Star Wars Lands At Maker Faire




No, we’re not being invaded from outer space and, no, it’s not Halloween. The 70th Explorers Garrison is a subdivision of the 501st Legion, the world’s definitive Imperial costuming organization featuring the “bad guys” from the Star Wars Universe.

The 70th Explorers Garrison consists of costumed members from the areas of Kansas and Missouri and their mission is to help local communities through fundraising, charity and promotional events. They pride themselves on relationships with notable beneficiaries such as Toys for Tots, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Boys and Girls Club, Dream Factory and other notable organizations.

Members of the 501st who live in the states of Missouri and Kansas form the 70th Explorers Garrison. The origin of the 70th Explorers name is twofold. The first part of the name stems from a shared major interstate that runs through both states, I-70. The Explorers part of the garrison name is a reference to Lewis and Clark (specifically), Pony Express, the Wagon trains and the other western movement that went through both of the states. The 70th Explorers started out as a squadron of the Central Garrison on February 24, 2005 and then was approved by the Legion Council to form its own garrison on October 2, 2005 where they were required to complete a one year trial period phase to demonstrate that it can operate as an independent body. The 70th Explorers Garrison was fully approved as an official garrison on November 4, 2006 by the Legion Council.

Check out the Explorers on stage with Weird Al Yankovich:

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