The Power Wheels Racing Series

Come see grown men in souped-up children’s cars race around a track for bragging rights. The Power Wheels Racing Series will be running races throughout the day on Saturday and early in the day on Sunday. Below are some of the cars and racers that will be participating in the Power Wheels Racing Series.

Little Pink Trike and Big Jake

Tom Gralewicz races Power Wheels cars Little Pink Trike and Big Jake. He is a computer recycler, which allows him to feed his passion to take things apart and build something new with the pieces.  Gralewicz is also a founding member of Milwaukee Makerspace, Milwaukee Electric Car Club, ChiBots and Milwaukee Robotics Club. He is college educated in computer science, and self-educated in machining, welding, wood working, electronics and an interest in just about any constructive skill.

Pumpin Station:One GP

PS:One GP is a Fisher Price Harley Davidson Power Wheel with modified scooter parts. Its top speed is about 12 mph. Patrick Callahan, the racer, is the current secretary for Pumping Station:One. He is a maker of blinky lights, botted plastic and modified Power Wheels.

Electromagnate Motor Works

This Power Wheels racer was constructed by the members of both Pumpin Station:One and  Electromagnate, a hackerspace-based production company dedicated to documenting the Maker Movement. The design incorporates a 36v electric motor and conforms to the 2011 PPPRS racing spec. Jordan Bunker, producer of ReMade : The Rebirth of the Maker Movement, is the driver for this season. Bunker is a seasoned driver, having participated in the inaugural season in 2009 for the J-Squad team. After a sabbatical for 2010, Jordan returns with his own team.

Grave Digger









Grave Digger is a Power Wheels racer. Starting with a stock Grave Digger Power Wheels vehicle, driver Royce Pipkins added a welded steel frame and two 500 Watt scooter motor. Two deep cycle marine batteries provide 24 volts of power. Pipkins is a freelance software programmer working the FOREX industry.

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