Special Thanks To Our 2013 Sponsor: Autodesk


We want to extend our gratitude to the sponsors that are making this year’s Maker Faire KC possible!

Autodesk: This American multinational software corporation focuses on 3D design software for use in architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media and entertainment industries. Founded by John Walker in 1982, Autodesk has established themselves as a leader in their field and was even named number 25 on Fast Compan’y list of “The 50 Most Innovative Companies” in 2008. Autodesk123D products are useful tools for making things—for quickly giving shape to your idea, exploring it, and most importantly, making it. The Autodesk 123D family is a line of free products that connect simple 3D modeling tools together with content, community, and fabrication services, so anyone can create, explore, and make their project. Check out their innovative line of products below:

  • 123D Design—Create a digital model on the iPad, on the web, or on your desktop, and then directly 3D print or fabricate it.
  • 123D Catch—Automatically convert ordinary photos into extraordinary 3D models leveraging the power of the cloud.
  • 123D Make—Transform 3D models into a cut pattern with animated assembly instructions for making artful physical creations.
  • 123D Sculpt—Sculpt and paint interesting and realistic 3D shapes with your fingers digitally on the iPad.

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