Special Thanks to Our 2013 Sponsor: MAKEwithMOTO

We want to extend our gratitude to the sponsors that are making this year’s Maker Faire KC possible!

MAKEwithMOTO: MAKEwithMOTO is a VELCRO-clad van full of 3D printers, unlocked, hackable phones, and electronic prototyping equipment traveling the country to connect and create cool things with makers. Over the course of its 5-month road trip, MAKEwithMOTO will visit 12 universities and 4 Maker Faires and host co-creative activities with students and other makers to begin imagining and building the hardware of the future. Get in touch with your maker skills and stick a creation to the van, 3D print something cool, hack a smartphone, and share your technology dreams. We can’t wait to help you MAKEwithMOTO!

Take a look at the team in Austin:

One Response to Special Thanks to Our 2013 Sponsor: MAKEwithMOTO

  1. rich maxwell says:

    How do I find a supply souce for the marble (shooting) game keeper i am making for kids at the libraries? I need 1.5″ X 14′ plastic strips. And a sewer.