Talented and inspiring makers fill 2013 speaker schedule

Our speaker schedule is jam-packed with intriguing presentations. Take a look:

Saturday, June 29 at 10:30 a.m.

DavidLangZero to Maker: Getting up to speed with the Maker Movement—Interested in the maker movement but not sure where to start? In this presentation, David Lang will share his unlikely journey from zero to maker. Lang will show the audience that anyone can be a maker. The maker movement is for everyone!

David Lang [@davidtlang] is a co-founder of OpenROV. David is a contributing editor to MAKE: Magazine and the author of the upcoming book, “Zero to Maker.” He was named a 2013 TED Fellow. Prior to underwater robots, David managed OCSC Sailing in Berkeley, Calif., where he helped hundreds of students learn to sail and led sailing adventures around the world.

Saturday, June 29 at 11:15 a.m.

Shannon-DosemagenPublic Lab: open-source development of tools for grassroots science—The Public Lab program is reimagining how science, community and environment can combine to benefit us all. The lab community develops low cost, open-source technology for environmental analysis and focuses on the concept of civic science. Rethink your relationship with the environment in this talk.

Shannon Dosemagen [@dosemagen] is based in New Orleans as President of the organization and is a co-founder of Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science (PublicLab.org). With a background in environmental community organizing and education, prior to working with Public Lab, Shannon held a position with the Anthropology and Geography Department at Louisiana State University as a Community Researcher and Ethnographer on a study about the social impacts of the spill in coastal Louisiana communities. She was also the Oil Spill Response Director at the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, conducting projects such as the first on-the-ground health and economic impact surveying in Louisiana post-spill and developing a crisis map of the oil spill for citizens to contribute firsthand reports. Shannon has an MS in Anthropology and Nonprofit Management and has worked with nonprofits for over thirteen years.

Saturday, June 29 at noon and Sunday, June 30 at noon

Maker’s Row – Factory Sourcing—Maker’s Row, an online directory of U.S. manufacturers, is bringing the manufacturing process to the 21st century. The New York-based website helps novice and experts alike navigate a six-step process from “ideation” to “production” by providing information about factories in each stage of the process. Find out more about a company helping entrepreneurs nationwide.

matthewburnettMatthew Burnett [@makermatthew] is a Detroit native whose grandfather inspired his interest in manufacturing as he was a watchmaker by trade. Matthew received a BFA in industrial design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York in 2007. He began his professional career designing watches for Marc Jacobs, DKNY, and Diesel. After working in the watch industry, he decided to start his own line, Steel Cake, having watches made overseas. Though previously designing and overseeing production for big brands, he found that manufacturing as an independent brand overseas would be a much different experience. Extended turnaround periods, language barriers, and continuous manufacturing errors brought the Steel Cake Watch line to a close. In 2010, Burnett decided to start a line of leather goods (The Brooklyn Bakery) using domestic manufacturers in order to maintain control over the quality of production and form closer relationships with the suppliers and contractors. In 2011 Burnett partnered with Tanya Menendez on The Brooklyn Bakery to manage sales and operations. After pairing with Burnett on the accessories brand, Menendez suggested that they develop a resource that would assist designers in finding American manufacturers. With Burnett’s background in manufacturing and Menendez’s experience with operations they began to develop the blueprint for what is today, Maker’s Row.

tanyamenendezTanya Menendez [@makertanya] grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and studied technology and its socioeconomic impacts on rural economies at UCSD. Conducting a number of studies on financial technology advancements in Oaxaca, Mexico, she co-authored “The Economics of Migration”, published by the University of California. Shortly thereafter, Menendez joined the Google Strategy and Integration group advising on internal system operations. In 2011 Menendez partnered with Matthew Burnett on The Brooklyn Bakery to manage sales and operations. While at The Brooklyn Bakery, she came up with the idea to create a platform for entrepreneurs to be able to easily access American manufacturers. Combining her experience in operations / automation with Matthew’s experience in global manufacturing they started Maker’s Row.

Saturday, June 29 at 12:45

sabrina-merloHow to Make a Maker Faire— Way back in 2006, the editors of MAKE magazine thought it would be great to throw an event where makers could get together in person to show projects and talk to each other.  Now in 2013, Maker Faire Bay Area draws 125,000 people, and 80+ Mini Maker Faires will be produced around the world.  Learn about the origins and future of MAKE’s Mini Maker Faire program, and how you can make a Maker Faire where you live. With Maker Faire Program Director Sabrina Merlo and Lesa Mitchell of the Kauffman Foundation.

Sabrina Merlo [@sannmer] is the program director of Maker Faire for Maker Media. Merlo also writes for MAKE: Magazine. Lesa Mitchell is vice president of Innovation and Networks at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Mitchell’s work includes identifying and supporting programs and policies for innovation and firm growth. The panel is also comprised of Mini Maker Faire producers from cities across the U.S.              

Saturday, June 29 at 1:30 p.m. and Sunday, June 30 at 2:15 p.m.

Adventures in Styrofoamland with the KinectTone AV— Artistic collaboration, open source software and multimedia combine in Matthew Walsh’s project, “1st Anocratic Improvisation in Styrofoamland.” Walsh will discuss the creation of the digital instrument, the KinectTone AV, and the themes of his work. The presentation will explore the context for the work and its relationship to the Maker movement and art overall followed by a demonstration of the technology.

Matthew Walsh develops digital instruments that combine 3D motion-sensing, animation, video, electronic music and live performance to produce hybrid analog/digital performances. Being committed to open source software, he works with such open source tools as Pure Data, Processing, and Crunchbang Linux. A recent graduate of KU’s Expanded Media Visual Art program, he currently lives in Kansas City, KS with his wife, two daughters (all brilliant!) and an albino cat with David Bowie eyes. He works at the local library.

Saturday June 29 at 2:15

Building America: The Contributions of African American Inventors by Carroll Lamb – Reflecting on past success can often spark ideas for the future. Learn about African-American inventors and innovators whose contributions have been significant to our nation’s development in this presentation, and maybe come up with your own great idea.

Carroll G. Lamb is cofounder and executive director of The Institute of Black Invention & Technology, Inc. Carroll had a career of nearly 30 years in human resources management. As an HR manager, he led counseling, training, and recruitment functions. He has also worked for several years as a professional photography. Carroll holds a B.A. in economics from Howard University and a master’s degree in cultural anthropology from the University of Massachusetts.

Saturday, June 29 and Sunday, June 30 at 3 p.m.

Watching BoysGrow into Entrepreneurs – Business skills can prepare people of all backgrounds for great success. John Gordon shares his years of lessons in making entrepreneurs out of boys from the inner city. He will talk about the highlights and struggles they have gone through together and the success they now have.

BoysGrow seeks to take an inner-city boy and open his eyes to the possibilities and realities of entrepreneurship. BoysGrow uses Farming and Agriculture as the vehicle to instill pride, identity, discipline, and an understanding of the Business World. Led by John Gordon’s passion for planting seeds the group has grown into a model for other movements.

Saturday, June 29 and Sunday, June 30 at 3:45 p.m.

SteveTrashHEADSHOT4353The Illusions of Upcycling by Steve Trash— Steve Trash will share his passion for upcycling and reusing in a very magical way.  As a young kid in Alabama – thanks to a discarded Velvet Elvis Painting – he grasped the value of things others discarded early on. Trash will incorporate the art, magic, music, and other cool stuff out of “found objects” he makes in his performance.

Steve Trash has worked as an illusionist, eco-entertainer, kid comedian, and environmental educator for nearly 30 years, teaching kids and adults alike. More than 20 million kids have seen Trash perform around the world, and he has been featured on shows such as “CBS This Morning” and in publications including The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times.

Saturday, June 29 at 4:30 p.m. and Sunday, June 30 at 11:15 a.m.

New Technology Means New Security Issues—When new technologies are created the main concerns are often the impact on productivity and ease of use – security, if thought of at all is an afterthought. This presentation will address the technologies we embrace and some of the security tools that have been developed to aid in securing these technologies.

John Mallery is the president and founder of Mallery Technical Training and Consulting, Inc. where he works as a testifying expert in computer forensics. He has published more than 40 articles on computer security and computer forensics topics, is the co-author of “Hardening Network Security” published by McGraw Hill and has appeared on CNN where he discussed the computer forensics methods used to identify the BTK serial killer.

Sunday, June 30 at 10:30 a.m.

Handibot: The First in a New Category of Tools— Traditional power tools are expensive and often difficult to use. Since 1996, ShopBot Tools has been at the forefront of affordable and precise manufacturing tools. David Bryan will discuss ShopBot’s latest offering, the Handibot; a Smart Power Tool which uses robotic motion and apps for skilled project results.

David Bryan is part of the Research and Development team at ShopBot currently working on the Handibot Smart Power Tool. His background is as an Industrial Designer as well as an Exhibit Designer and Fabricator. David is interested in igniting a passion for CNC in others and in making the tools for the future today.

Sunday, June 30 at 12:45 p.m.

susylviaYoung Makers—People of all ages can participate in the maker movement! Super Awesome Sylvia and Joey Hudy will discuss the importance of young makers and inspire audiences to pursue maker interests. Joey and Sylvia will also demonstrate some of their incredible creations.

Super Awesome Sylvia and Joey Hudy are two young makers with some incredible accomplishments. Sylvia met the president, presented at a TEDx conference and medaled in a Robogames. Sylvia’s YouTube series for MAKE: Magazine has been viewed more than 1 million times. Joey has also met the president, won numerous engineering awards and started his own business. His Extreme Marshmallow Cannon was featured at the 2012 White House Science Fair.

Sunday, June 30 at 1:30 p.m.

StanSlaughter1Composting Our Way to an Organic Future— A more sustainable future may be as close as your backyard. In this presentation, national compost expert Stan Slaughter will outline the basics of composting, worm composting and the forces that are pushing composting to the forefront of the sustainability movement. Using a projection microscope, Slaughter will also show the audience down the worm hole into the life of a healthy red wiggler colony.

Stan Slaughter is the Eco-Troubadour and the Midwest’s Environmental Renaissance Man. He speaks at the US Composting Council’s annual conventions, He’s sung about and taught recycling, composting and clean water in over 3,000 schools in 25 states since 1991. The state of Kansas has hired him to educate through the schools since 1997. He’s an energy conservation, composting and organic gardening expert. One Kansas City friend calls Stan “A National Treasure.”

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