Meet the Maker(s): Robotics at Maker Faire

We have some amazing Robotics coming to Maker Faire and we couldn’t decide which ones to pick out to introduce to you, so we decided we would share them all with you!


JimmyAndrew Alter is a roboticist and lead engineer at Trossen Robotics, Mech Warfare Founder, and advocate of Open Source Robotics. One of his biggest projects to date is Jimmy, a 21st Century Robot imagined by Intel’s Futurist, Brian David Johnson. Jimmy is a 3D-printed social robot, aiming to lower the barrier of entry to get more people building robots! Alter will be returning to Maker Faire with his two robots Jimmy and Giger – Robot Philosopher (photographed below).



We have 17 Robotics team for First Robotics coming this year. Thirteen of the teams are FRC Teams, two are FTC teams, and the last two are FLL teams. We are excited to see what the students have in store for us this year.



Team Robot Japan will be bringing their biped robots all the way from Japan for us to see.  Their robots are part of a Robot Pro- Wrestling ‘Dekinnoka!’  They have extremely creative personas with costumes and backstories.





Last, but not least, Michael Overstreet will be attending Maker Faire again this year! In an article-featuring Overstreet, MAKE discusses how Overstreet’s mission is to reduce the cost of systems and components for a working humanoid robot design. A current humanoid robot such as the DARwin-OP is available for about $12,000 and Overstreet’s hope is to create a robot similar to it for under $1,000.*

*Information credited to Andrew Terranova with


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