Meet the Speaker: Dale Dougherty

Maker Faire: Kansas City is extremely excited to announce that Dale Dougherty, CEO of Maker Media, Inc. will be joining us this year as one of our keynote speakers! Dougherty helped launch our very first Maker Faire: Kansas City and we are so happy to welcome him back this summer.

As President, Founder, and CEO of Maker Media Inc., Dougherty is one of the biggest proponents of the Maker revolution. It is Dougherty’s own personal belief that we are all makers. He hopes that one day we can all believe this is true, but his focus at Maker Faire: Kansas City is to specifically encourage teachers and educators in formal and informal settings.

In a TEDxMotorCity talk, Dougherty said, “We’ve got to get this into schools, or into communities in many, many ways — the ability to tinker, to shape and reshape the world around us.”

We can’t wait to hear Dougherty speak and we hope you are just as thrilled as we are!

For more information about Dale Dougherty, please visit here

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