The Power of Makerspaces

As Maker Faire Kansas City gets closer and closer, we forget to take the time to really help others understand the power of Making and Makerspaces. It’s more than just fun gadgets and gizmos. Its about a significant change that has occurred in our society.

Image via Flickr by Exploratorium

Image via Flickr by Exploratorium

Aiden Wolfe’s article How to Turn Any Classroom Into a Makerspace” highlights what being a “Maker” is and encourages classrooms to become Makerspaces. Read the article here, and learn how to turn any classroom into a Makerspace. Still not quite sure what to do? Reach out to other Makerspaces in the area. We will be happy to help.


 Truth be told, the maker movement represents the instinctual drive of our species to ascend ever upwards: to innovate, design, and construct a better tomorrow. – Aiden Wolfe







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