Food Trucks. Food Trucks. FOOD TRUCKS!

Maker Faire Kansas City is suppppeerrr happy to announce that the FOOD TRUCKS ARE BACK!


Image taken in Austin, TX


Who needs First Fridays Food Trucks when the Food Trucks are gonna be here all weekend long for Maker Faire Kansas City?! (Just kidding. We LOVE First Fridays and we always need them.)

Our list of Food Trucks for this year include (in no specific order):

Detroit Coney

Jazzy B’s

Savannah’s Sweets


Street Wings

Blue Moose

Carmen’s Cafe

Cafe al Dente

Twisted Asian

Simeca’s Sausage

Monk’s Roast Beef

Kona Ice

Coffee Cake KC

Click on their name for more information! If someone knows which website to direct people to for Simeca’s Sausage and Blue Moose, please let me know! I just didn’t want to attach the wrong website.

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