Make-A-Robot Challenge!

Maker Faire KC is just around the corner and there’s no better way to prepare than with a Make Something Challenge! The Maker Faire KC team is challenging YOU to Make-A-Robot! But not just any robot – a Makey or Max (our Maker Studio mascot).

Get your favorite crafting materials ready because we want to see how you can re-create Makey and/or Max! Your creation can be 2D or 3D, we just want to see you make! The deadline is Monday, June 22. Participants can turn in their creations at the Front Desk of Science City. Name, Age and Contact information must be included with your submission to be eligible to win. All robot creations will be displayed at Maker Faire KC in the Maker Studio!

The Maker Faire Kansas City staff will vote on the best Max and best Makey creation. Winners will receive a Maker Faire Kansas City Prize Pack filled with goodies. Any person, up to the age of 18, is welcome to submit an item.

2 Responses to Make-A-Robot Challenge!

  1. Jessica Bell says:

    My son worked hard on creating one of these robots, when we tried to drop it off, none of the staff I could find in Science City (spoke with 4 or 5 of them) knew anything about it. Finally a manager happened to walk by (while I was educating a staff member on where the information about this challenge was posted/explained since everyone was treating me like I was crazy and uninformed) and a staff member asked her about it and she acted like it was: a) no big deal that no one seemed to know anything about it, and b) that I shouldn’t be concerned about dropping off his creation with people who knew nothing about it. When we actually attended the Maker Faire and went to see his supposedly displayed creation, it turns out that apparently the staff couldn’t be bothered to display more than a handful of the robots that these kids worked on, none of which included my son’s. I wonder if there was ever any voting done and a prize even given as promised?? If you are trying to inspire and encourage young ‘Makers’, I promise you, this is NOT the way to do it!!

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