Meet the Maker: GDD Boombox

Who and what is GDD Boombox?

GDD Boombox is a small business that takes old vintage suitcases and repurposes them into portable audio loudspeakers.  GDD Boombox is a collaboration between myself, my daughter and neighbor.

How was GDD Boombox born, so to speak?

GDD Boombox was born out of the need for my daughter to get her newly acquired boombox repaired after accidentally puncturing a woofer.  I fixed her boombox and as a result, learned a lot about the design, form and function.  My interest quickly became a hobby and naturally transitioned into a small business.  

Do you have a favorite vintage suitcase brand that you like? Or is just a free-for-all and any vintage suitcase will do?

 I prefer the old wooden suitcases but I can repurpose almost any type or still.

As a Maker, what inspires you?

 When I started, it was the challenge of just trying to make one. Now, it’s about satisfying the customer and learning more about the science of speaker building.

Can you give us a sneak peek of what you will be bringing to Maker Faire KC?


Bonus question: 

What would you like the Maker Faire KC audience know?

GDD Boomboxes are all hand crafted and unique. 

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