Meet the Maker: Lost & Found Design

What is the inspiration for the design of your jewelry and homegoods?

My very first inspiration was a honeycomb pattern. I created some overly large jewelry from lasercut wood and I was so intrigued by the process. I was hooked. Now I have branched into home goods alongside my jewelry because I can work in larger scale and enjoy seeing my concepts develop into the home.
My inspirations stem from nature but also urban. I’ve been working with bamboo because it is so beautiful and durable. It also grows fast in difficult environments and I find that true for city dwellers as well!!
My inspiration also is this city. We are so proud yet humble. Small yet big. It’s a funny world of the middle of nowhere and everywhere. I see Kansas City as a perfect environment for the senses and creativity.

Where can people purchase your products? I know we can find you in “SouveNEAR” – a souvenir vending machine – located inside Union Station, but where else can people find your products?
The opportunity to be in the vending machines with SOUVEnear was an amazing coincidence. I work part time as an art educator and promoter of the arts at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. I ended up meeting these awesome moms because I taught one of their children!! They contacted me and that was it! They have all local artists and stay very active in the maker community scouting out new ideas and events.
I have my products actively in The Nelson-Atkins Museum Store, The Bunker in Westport, Bella Patina in the West Bottoms, Urban Provisions in the East Bottoms, The River Market Antique Mall, and The Strecker-Nelson Gallery in Manhattan KS. Also debuting in a new home goods store that is soon to be open called – Midcoast Modern KC.
I support all maker events as well. This year has been incredible for kc makers! I keep active on my Facebook and Instagram for the events I am doing. The next event is July 3rd for first fridays Summer Crossroads Party and then Strawberry Swing Aug 1st at the Alexander Major’s Barn!

As a Maker, what inspires you?
As a maker I am inspired by my fellow community of makers. I love getting my hands dirty and my mind clear. There are so many people who work with their hands to improve this city and have a grassroots attitude. I am inspired by them. I feel so grateful and humble to be surrounded by a community of active human beings who want to do more than just sit in front if the tv. The world is so exciting when you make something out of it.
Also sharing ideas gets my ideas flowing. It’s great to just sit and chat about what you want to see happen to yourself or to each other. Whether it is supporting a local chef, bar, barista, or restaurant to creating your own garden of veggies, to riding your bike to a local band’s gig, to riding your bike with friends to the museum, to grabbing your favorite neighborhood coffee, to supporting your neighborhood events or volunteer locally, to finding a small chunk of time to explore this great city or hang out in your friend’s backyard can inspire the best conversations and ideas. This is why I am alive and creative.

Can you give us a sneak peek of what you will be bringing to Maker Faire KC?


Bonus question:
What would you like the Maker Faire KC audience know?
I hope all the Maker Faire visitors leave knowing they can go home with the inspiration to make something…anything…even if it is a cool sandwich!! 😜
I would love to see anyone inspired by what I do to talk to me and share their ideas too. This isn’t just about me. I did this to expand my passions for making things, but also to reach out to other weirdo awesome crazy people like myself who just want to share with the world their wild ideas that just might become a reality. How cool is that?!!

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