Meet the Maker: Nerdbots


In ten words or less, tell us about Nerdbots?

NB: We create found object robot sculptures out of recycled materials.


What is the inspiration for your projects?

NB: We both really love robots and just sort of stumbled into this after making one for ourselves many years back. We love scouting out our parts from antique stores, scrapyards and estate sales. It’s exciting for us to be able to take something that was once discarded or unwanted and turn it into something new again.

About how long does each bot take to create?

NB: If we have all of the parts we need already, it may take a few hours to put a robot together from start to finish. But the time-consuming part is finding all of the right pieces to work with. A lot of our bots need two arms and two legs, and unfortunately, people don’t tend to discard things in pairs very often! Often we’ll be working on several robots at once. We lay the many combinations out on shelves or workbenches, sometimes waiting until we stumble on the perfect arms or legs or whatever to complete the piece. The wait-it-out process can take weeks or even months.

As a Maker, what inspires you?

We love going out part-hunting. We usually don’t have anything in mind when we go scouting, but each item we pick up takes on a bit of a personality. Could this thing here be a head? Or how about an arm with an elbow? Check out the body on this one! We start to get excited as we find new things, and in a way they come to life to us right as we’re standing there. We often can’t wait to get back to our shop to get started on our newest creations.

And.. bonus question!
Last year, Nerdbots was one of our Maker Of Merit recipients. And actually, I’m 99.9% sure that I awarded you the blue ribbon. And because I’m a nosy thing…Do you still have it? Where is it now?

Nerdbots Photgraphed with one of their two Maker of Merit Ribbons from 2014

Nerdbots Photgraphed with one of their two Maker of Merit Ribbons from 2014


Yes! We were so excited to be awarded with two blue ribbons, which are now proudly displayed on our workbenches in our studio. We’re thrilled to be back at Maker Faire again this year, especially since Angela was newly pregnant and really nauseous a year ago. This year will definitely be much more fun for her — and maybe our new little nerd-in-training will even get a chance to stop by and learn a thing or two.






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