Meet the Startup: Flyover Innovations

First things first, who are you and what do you do?

iPhone 6 with Android App and Blumoo HomeBaseFlyover Innovations is a small company (4 people) based out of Olathe, KS.  We design, produce and sell our own products through e-commerce and traditional retail channels.  Our first product is Blumoo, which is a universal remote control and music streaming device.  The Blumoo HomeBase (our hardware product) connects over Bluetooth to your mobile device which runs our free mobile app (currently released for Android and iOS).  The app communicates with the HomeBase to blast out the IR codes to control all your devices.  Blumoo also streams music via Bluetooth so you can upgrade your existing stereo to wireless music streaming (up to 150ft!).


How did the Blumoo come to be? Was it a birth of frustration because other technologies were not doing what you wanted it to do, or was it a “light bulb” moment?

Great Question!  Blumoo was born out of frustration.  Our founder, Jason Carman, has outdoor speakers on his deck and the receiver is located in his basement.  He wanted to be able to turn on the receiver, set the input and stream music all from his mobile device.  It was possible to buy two different devices to accomplish this (at approx. $100 each), but the lack of a good solution got the wheels turning.  Blumoo started out focused around fixing this pain point, but has since evolved into a powerful universal remote with a full list of features.


Speaking of Blumoo… why is it called “Blumoo?” If this is a secret, I totally understand. But it’s definitely an interesting name, at least in my opinion.

BLUMOO_0714_FINAL--9 (2)We originally named the product Pār, but after starting with that we realized that the name was hard to search on the internet and just didn’t have the ring we were looking for.  We then started messing around with different names.  We eventually came up with Blumu (short for Bluetooth Music) but that just didn’t look right – so we went to Blumoo and we love it!


Was the naming process difficult for you? Personally, when I have to think up titles and names, I have brain farts and it’ll take me forever to be satisfied with names I throw out.

It is a very tough decision that is very similar to naming your children.  You want a name that sounds good, means something and won’t get you made fun of. 🙂


What’s next for Flyover Innovations? Should we be expecting another big gadget from you guys soon?

We have a lot of exciting things in the works.  We have been on the market for about a year via e-commerce channels and have gained valuable feedback.  We are making a big push in 2015 to make the app even better and get into some of the large retail stores.  We have other products in mind as well for down the road.


I know Steve has been to Maker Faire KC in the past, but how about the rest of the team? Is there anything you guys just cannot wait to see this year?

I am the only one that has been to Maker Faire before and it was an awesome experience.  I took my wife, daughter and dad last year and we had an absolute blast!  Flyover is a group of extremely passionate entrepreneurs who are grateful to live in such an innovative and supportive city (I was born and raised here).  We can’t wait to see what the other makers are doing to push the envelope in different categories and we hope that we can influence and inspire other entrepreneurs to chase their dreams.  Please stop by our booth to demo the product, discuss our journey or ask questions.

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