Meet the Maker: Tag Team Tompkins

Tag Team Tompkins is not new to Kansas City area, but this will be your first time at Maker Faire Kansas City. So WELCOME to the Faire!

Q: For those who haven’t seen you around the area, who and what is Tag Team Tompkins?

A: We began as a mother-daughter collaboration, making framed original art for several seasonal pop-up store events in Kansas City. Our favorite events were Debbie Dusenberry’s Halloween shows at her old Curious Sofa shop in Prairie Village. I’d retired as a creative at Hallmark, where Madeline works currently – I just couldn’t stop making things! My husband/her dad stepped in to edit and proofread our work, and our close friend Bob Atkins of Skylab Letterpress printed for us.

Q: You’ve told us that your work is inspired by literary quotes or personal words to live by, but what quote (or writer) kind of started it all?

A: In searching for quotes for Halloween, my college minor in English served me well. Shakespeare and Poe provided many great possibilities. You can’t go wrong with Shakespeare!

Q: Your prints are obviously quote based, but how do you design the graphics that go with them? Is it all hand drawn by the team? Or…?

A: As we design, I’ll collect quotes, and Madeline will add to the list or nix things. When she and I agree, that’s when our direction is set. I love to draw and will sketch and then cut out the designs in black paper. I like how cutting it simplifies the art. Madeline’s hand lettering brings the art to a fine finish. We decide what size the finished work will be and hope our printer has available time. Our printer always has helpful technical and design suggestions for pleasing results.

Q: Tag Team Tompkins lets people personalize/customize their prints, can you tell us a little bit more about that process?

A: Our customers sometime appreciate little bits of personalization to their purchased prints, names and dates on our wedding print for instance, or a birthday tag on a Chinese Zodiac print. Last year, Madeline took a sketchbook to a Royals game and hand lettered her own thoughts – “Baseball isn’t everything but it can make a crap week a bit better.” We loved it and hurried to make a print (thank you, Skylab!). We then made a print that left off the word “baseball” – knowing that everyone has something that makes a hard week better. And now we even have a border design that we can provide a short favorite quote for someone’s pleasure. Our charge for these prints is $15 and $25.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share with the Maker Faire Kansas City audience?

A: We are considering offering a free print to interested browsers – we have extra stock of our “Dire Warning” prints. Madeline plans to show her point pen and brush lettering. I’ll work on some silhouette cutting for our new prints.

Preview (and/or purchase) Tag Team Tompkins work here

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  1. Diane says:

    We are so honored to be included here in your blog, Margaret. Many thanks!