Meet the Maker: Casa de Keneally


Make Space

Well, where to start? Casa De Keneally Maker Haven is as much a place as a frame of mind. We really enjoy finding fun and creative ways to turn other people might call trash into things other people might never think of, EVER. The world we all live has moved to such a strong consumer economy that most people do not even TRY to come up with solutions to problems any more. They just hop online or run to the store and purchase something. The art that we Makers hone, the ability to look at a problem and see an opportunity for creativity and fun is missing for many people.

Our household tries to find the Make in life. We love coming up with crazy ideas and just seeing if it can be done. Want to build a tree house that is built on HUGE oak beams that are suspended from chain loops way up in the trees (in planning)? Do It! Want to make a HUGE metal Blaster Cannon for an outdoor Halloween display? Do It! Want to raise chickens for the first time? Do It!

We had a spare bedroom and we converted it into the “Room of Requirement” and it serves our smaller scale creative needs. I think we are the only family in the area that has a 40 CO2 laser vented out of an upstairs bedroom, a 3D printer (we await our TiKo), a music studio and computer and analog design and fabrication areas. We have fun in there!! We think, we design and we Make.

This year marks our 3 year attending the Maker Faire KC and our first year having our own table! We ARE EXCITED to be part of this Amazing thing! We will display a little bit of everything and we plan to pass out a make and take craft item as well as several information/resource sheets on getting started in robotics and automation. There are SO MANY resources. Did I mention we ARE EXCITED? I think I did!

This post was written and provided by the Keneally Family. 

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