Meet the Maker: The Art of Bryan Fyffe

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Q: Bryan, for those new to Maker Faire Kansas City… tell us about ‘The Art of Bryan Fyffe.’

A: Hello! Okay, so my name is Bryan Fyffe and I am a local Kansas City artist, illustrator, educator and MAKER! My art is a mix of hand drawn elements, photos of textures (like cracked cement, peeling paint and rusted metal) and digital software. I create art for myself and for clients that range from book publishers to theme parks. Between projects I travel with my work to galleries and comic book conventions from Seattle to NYC. I create art prints and framed art in many styles and sizes.

Q: As a Maker, what inspires your work?

A: As a maker I am inspired by the expanding options we as creators have in tools, tools that have come about with technological advances. From pigment-based inks available in small format color printers to laser-etching that allows me to take computer-driven art and burn it into chunks of wood… I create my work by using EVERYTHING – my sketches, which I scan and turn into pixels… My digital camera that I use to photograph interesting textures, like peeling paint and rusted metal to Adobe Photoshop, where I bring each element together into one finished work. I feel that my work could only exist in this time. I feel fortunate to have these wonderful tools in which to be creative!

Q: From the description of your work, we know that you use photos of textures often. Do you find yourself using a specific texture over and over again? What attracts you to certain textures?

A: I am always building a library of textures! I scan in my denim jeans to get a fabric weave texture, coffee rings and tea stains… Sometimes I shoot images of objects themselves – I built an illustration of a robot out of objects ranging from typewriters, cow bones, carrot roots, analog synthesizers and guitar cables! You can never have enough resources to work with! To me the textures add nuance and warmth. They create a sense of history and visual interest in each and every piece. I often stop to admire broken tree limbs and the well worn path on a wood floor.

Q: You are a veteran of Maker Faire Kansas City. This would be your 4th year at our Faire. The team has seen you at other events, First Fridays, and other cool places. Can you share why you choose to show at Maker Faire Kansas City?

A: Maker Fair Kansas City for me is a unique chance to talk to students and attendees about the possibilities of digital art. I like to share my “USE EVERYTHING AT YOUR DISPOSAL” attitude in creating work. My focus at Maker Faire is to showcase and educate. If I can be the springboard for another creative, then I feel I have been successful.

Q: A little bird (AKA an old team member) told us that you have a work relationship with Disney. Would you be able to tell us a little bit more about that relationship and what you do?

A: Sure! Disney is a wonderful client! I create work for both their galleries and theme park merchandise. I am able to take my style and apply it to known brands like Star Wars and Disney’s Haunted Mansion. My work is on display at both US parks and Disney-owned hotels. A few times a year I travel to the parks to sign work for fans and I often take the time while at Disneyland and Walt Disney World to take pictures for future illustrations. I have a number of fun pieces lined up for 2016!

Q: Is there anything you’d like to share with us?

A: I’d say attend Maker Faire KC! Get inspired! Keep an eye out for what Union Station and others have to offer! We live in a great city with so many resources for aspiring makers/creatives! From maker labs to a creative community who is always willing to share their knowledge. I feel that Kansas City is VERY unique in this way!

You can find my work at and on Instagram at @bryanfyffe.

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