Wichita Mini Maker Faire


Experience the inaugural Wichita Mini Maker Faire this Saturday, July 18 at Exploration Place in partnership with MakeICT.

What: Wichita Mini Maker Faire

When: Saturday, July 18, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Where: Exploration Place, 300 N. McLean Blvd., Wichita, Kan. 67203

Admission: Included in general museum admission, free for Exploration Place and MakeICT members.

The Wichita Mini Maker Faire has a lot in store for attendees. Catch just a short idea of what you will experience below:

  • Ride a two seat side-by-side recumbent pedal-powered trike.
  • Generate software to make motors spin, lights flash and speakers beep.
  • Create a stretchy chainmail bracelet to take home.
  • Interact with audio and video instruments created by high school students.
  • View props and costumes from Star Wars and Star Trek.
  • Sketch a fashion design.
  • Watch drones race.
  • Design plate spinner art.
  • Play classic arcade games.
  • Form a paper flower.
  • Reverse the motion of a clock.
  • Watch owls carved from wood.
  • Control a robotic arm.
  • Use foam shapes to build one big stationary sculpture.
  • And more!

For more information, please visit http://makerfairewichita.com/.

2015 Maker of Merits

BAC Music (4)
Album artwork (3)
Bandit guns (3)
Studeo_b (3)
Two Bit Circus – Dunk Tank Flambe (3)
Creation Hardware (2)
Nerdbots (2)
Red Star Studios (2)
Woodworkers (2)
Hang ups in kc
Scarves by Hilda
Fast track
Cat’s Purrdy’s
Wheels of whimsy
Robot Driver’s License
The Giving Brick
Ni-Chern Design
MNU Library
Reinke Art
Measureball M-Right
Ninjafred Creations
Prustain printer
Bryan Fyffe
Made in KC Initiative
Trashboat Regatta
Matt Derrick
Creations in Wood
Metro Home School Robotics
National association of rocketry
Shelter 2.0
Muddy water press
Phlypp gear
Society for creative anachronism
Amanda Lynn Chainmaille
Tammy Smith Design
Anatomy of electric bass
Messner Family Farm
DIY playground & robots
KC Clay Guild
Butterfly Instruments
Ennovation Center
Carly Rae Watercolor
Funhouse 57

















If you received a Maker of Merit at Maker Faire Kansas City and wish to have your photo included in the gallery, please share your photo with us in the comments below or e-mail mhoang@unionstation.org. If you received a Maker of Merit and do not see your name listed, please provide a photo of your ribbon and your project name to be listed.

Test Kitchen Food Demos!

Want to learn how to make Pies, BBQ Rubs and Pizzas? Join us in Science City Test Kitchen during Maker Faire and learn with the greatest!

SATURDAY June 27 AND SUNDAY June 28 at 11AM – 12:30PM


Cream some vanilla (or chocolate) pies, add your own fruits to customize to your tastes with Tippin’s.



Make your own pizza with Craig Jones, 2012 Food Network Grill Mayor

Craig Jones is a live-fire cooking expert, the Grill Mayor for Food Network (2012), owner of Savory Addictions Gourmet Nuts and a food blogger for the Kansas City Star. He’s also a certified KCBS BBQ judge, a master student of pizza crafting, and an enthusiastic supporter of the greater Kansas City food scene

SUNDAY June 28 at 3PM 

Make your own BBQ sauce and rubs with Lamon Carter, owner of Applewood BBQ Lamon-Carter-Pitmaster



Meet the Maker: Lost & Found Design

What is the inspiration for the design of your jewelry and homegoods?

My very first inspiration was a honeycomb pattern. I created some overly large jewelry from lasercut wood and I was so intrigued by the process. I was hooked. Now I have branched into home goods alongside my jewelry because I can work in larger scale and enjoy seeing my concepts develop into the home.
My inspirations stem from nature but also urban. I’ve been working with bamboo because it is so beautiful and durable. It also grows fast in difficult environments and I find that true for city dwellers as well!!
My inspiration also is this city. We are so proud yet humble. Small yet big. It’s a funny world of the middle of nowhere and everywhere. I see Kansas City as a perfect environment for the senses and creativity.

Where can people purchase your products? I know we can find you in “SouveNEAR” – a souvenir vending machine – located inside Union Station, but where else can people find your products?
The opportunity to be in the vending machines with SOUVEnear was an amazing coincidence. I work part time as an art educator and promoter of the arts at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. I ended up meeting these awesome moms because I taught one of their children!! They contacted me and that was it! They have all local artists and stay very active in the maker community scouting out new ideas and events.
I have my products actively in The Nelson-Atkins Museum Store, The Bunker in Westport, Bella Patina in the West Bottoms, Urban Provisions in the East Bottoms, The River Market Antique Mall, and The Strecker-Nelson Gallery in Manhattan KS. Also debuting in a new home goods store that is soon to be open called – Midcoast Modern KC.
I support all maker events as well. This year has been incredible for kc makers! I keep active on my Facebook and Instagram for the events I am doing. The next event is July 3rd for first fridays Summer Crossroads Party and then Strawberry Swing Aug 1st at the Alexander Major’s Barn!

As a Maker, what inspires you?
As a maker I am inspired by my fellow community of makers. I love getting my hands dirty and my mind clear. There are so many people who work with their hands to improve this city and have a grassroots attitude. I am inspired by them. I feel so grateful and humble to be surrounded by a community of active human beings who want to do more than just sit in front if the tv. The world is so exciting when you make something out of it.
Also sharing ideas gets my ideas flowing. It’s great to just sit and chat about what you want to see happen to yourself or to each other. Whether it is supporting a local chef, bar, barista, or restaurant to creating your own garden of veggies, to riding your bike to a local band’s gig, to riding your bike with friends to the museum, to grabbing your favorite neighborhood coffee, to supporting your neighborhood events or volunteer locally, to finding a small chunk of time to explore this great city or hang out in your friend’s backyard can inspire the best conversations and ideas. This is why I am alive and creative.

Can you give us a sneak peek of what you will be bringing to Maker Faire KC?


Bonus question:
What would you like the Maker Faire KC audience know?
I hope all the Maker Faire visitors leave knowing they can go home with the inspiration to make something…anything…even if it is a cool sandwich!! 😜
I would love to see anyone inspired by what I do to talk to me and share their ideas too. This isn’t just about me. I did this to expand my passions for making things, but also to reach out to other weirdo awesome crazy people like myself who just want to share with the world their wild ideas that just might become a reality. How cool is that?!!

Let’s Have Fun – Kid Area at Maker Faire KC

Want to know what may interest your kiddos during Maker Faire Kansas City? We have a pretty big area dedicated to young Makers in Science City! Check out just some of what will be where below:

Science City – Maze Park

All Star Science Show with Jeff Rosenblatt at 1PM Sat & Sunday

Science City

Makers throughout the entire Science Center ! 

Maker Studio Walk-Up Room

Fiber Fun & Maker Faire KC Bag Decorating– Create something fun with fiber or decorate your canvas Maker Faire KC bag.

Robot Drawing– What does a robot look like to you?  Show us your robot drawing skills!

Classroom & Workshop

ArtBot Petting Zoo– Get up close with our artbots as they zip and zoom around to make colorful drawings.

Cardboard Creations– Create something fun to wear around Maker Faire KC out of cardboard.

Bell’s Bubble Printer– See designs that you code come to life in bubbles with a bubble printer created by one of the Maker Studio’s resident maker Matt Bell.

Maker Studio Photo Booth– Take a photo with our robot, Max Maker, in our photo booth.

3d Printing- Draw a doodle and print it in 3d; 10-11, 1-2 and 3-4 (Sat & Sun).  Meet Lucas…e-Nable..; 11-12 & 2-3 (Sat & Sun)

Egg Carton Boats– Make boats out of junk with mini maker Mercury; 12-1 & 3-4 (Sun).

Outside Science City

Nerdy Derby– Race our Maker Studio cars or build one of your own. Car Kit give away @ 11-12, 2-3, 4-5 Sat & Sun at the top of the hour, while supplies last, build your own and race it on our giant Nerdy Derby Track.  Race MS cars on Mini Track anytime.

Colorful Collaboration– Add to our giant chalk masterpieces.

Marble Track Racing – Race Marbles down a 22ft track

Inflatables – Get ready to bounce, bounce, bounce!

Bubbles – Create some MASSIVE bubbles with some AWESOME Makers!


Maker Faire Kansas City Program

View the program below via ISSUU, or download a PDF for your viewing pleasure!

Please note that not all the schedules are listed on the program. For the most up-to-date information, please download our app! The app will be updated Tuesday evening. It will be labeled “coming soon” until Tuesday evening.

Download instructions

1) Go to your app store

2) Search and download “Eventbase”

3) Under the categories of “festivals” for Kansas City, find Maker Faire Kansas City

4) Launch away!

Meet the Maker (duo!): Don’t Waste Sweat at the Gym

1045011_664468280233324_129754941_n_11“Don’t Waste Sweat at the Gym” is a collaborative piece between two crazy creative Makers in Kansas City – Eric Lindquist and Nick Ward-Bopp.


Could you please tell me more about the creators behind the piece and what the piece represents?

The people at Maker Village have been working among a community of other startups and creatives that include Lindquist Press, and while we have only collaborated a couple times before, we have followed one another’s efforts with a great deal of mutual respect and friendly camaraderie. We put our heads together on a special release for Boulevard that incorporated three or four studios around town, bringing in designers, leather workers, woodworkers, and myself, a printer.


unnamedWhy is it titled “ Don’t Sweat at the Gym?” If this is a secret, I totally understand, it’s just an eye-catching title for sure.

(EL) “Don’t Waste Sweat at the Gym” is a reminder that we should use our talents and time to improve our communities, rather than our abs.  The stylistic approach is meant to refer to old WPA (Works Progress Administration) publishing efforts from the New Deal following the Great Depression.  Graphics and slogans were used to explain the importance of communal cooperation, thrift, and hard work as America tried to pull together and build a new economy, and a national spirit of shared responsibility.


(NWB) Eric nailed it. We only have so many hours in the day to create, and that raw energy is precious and should be treated as such. So, don’t waste that sweat (blood and/or tears) in the gym!

What inspired the collaboration? 

The design was executed months back, as part of a profile of Lindquist Press that featured in “The Bohemian”, a limited edition local arts magazine.  In the release, each copy came with a limited edition stencil print poster of the design and one of them ended up on the wall at Maker Village.  When Nick approached me, he expressed an interest in pursuing an inlay technique and felt the design’s stencil origins would make it more easily adapted to cut wood.

As a Maker, what inspires each of you?unnamed (1)

(EL) It seems that both of our studios put community engagement at the fore of our efforts, working to make new projects, makers, and businesses more successful and, by extension, our city more interesting.

(NWB) More and more it is education. Demystifying materials and building things, and giving the MAKE “bug” to others.

Freebie question moment. Is there anything either of you (or both of you!) would like to say to the Maker Faire audience or would like them to know?

To the Makers, keep up the hard work, and let’s build a better city!


Photographed at Boulevardia 2015



The scultpure was funded in part by Boulevardia and a Rocket Grant from the Charlotte Street Foundation and the Spencer Museum of Art.


Meet the Maker: Script-to-Screen Part One

For the first time EVER, Maker Faire Kansas City is taking over the ENTIRE B Level of Union Station Kansas City. Our entire B Level, including the Extreme Screen and H&R Block City Stage, will be dedicated to Film Making. The area is being curated by our very own KC Film + Media Office. The area will feature every portion of film making from pre-production to post-production, set props to make-up artists, staged readings of scripts to screenings.

Below you can find additional information regarding who in the community will be speaking, what screenings will be played and what you can expect from B Level!

Screenings  include:

– All Roads Lead Home directed by Dennis Fallon. This film is the Winner of the Best Feature Drama at the International Family Film Festival and winner of the Crystal Dove Seal Award from The Dove Foundation.\

– Maker – A Documentary on the Maker Movement. This documentary looks at the Maker Movement in America – a “new wave of Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-Together culture fueled by passion and powered by the advent of new technologies…”

– National Geographic’s “Robots” Movie

– The Monument Comes Alive – The 100 Year Union Station Anniversary Special. ” A breathtaking digital show that transformed the facade of Union Station into a 3D “mind-blowing masterpiece.” Producer Quixotic will be on-hand with Bazillion and Bic Media to discuss the project and answer questions.

For a full list of screenings, Documentary shorts, Narrative shorts and music videos, please visit the KC Film + Media Blog here!



Meet the Maker: GDD Boombox

Who and what is GDD Boombox?

GDD Boombox is a small business that takes old vintage suitcases and repurposes them into portable audio loudspeakers.  GDD Boombox is a collaboration between myself, my daughter and neighbor.

How was GDD Boombox born, so to speak?

GDD Boombox was born out of the need for my daughter to get her newly acquired boombox repaired after accidentally puncturing a woofer.  I fixed her boombox and as a result, learned a lot about the design, form and function.  My interest quickly became a hobby and naturally transitioned into a small business.  

Do you have a favorite vintage suitcase brand that you like? Or is just a free-for-all and any vintage suitcase will do?

 I prefer the old wooden suitcases but I can repurpose almost any type or still.

As a Maker, what inspires you?

 When I started, it was the challenge of just trying to make one. Now, it’s about satisfying the customer and learning more about the science of speaker building.

Can you give us a sneak peek of what you will be bringing to Maker Faire KC?


Bonus question: 

What would you like the Maker Faire KC audience know?

GDD Boomboxes are all hand crafted and unique. 

Meet the Startup: 3D Maker World

Tell me about 3D Maker World in five words.

Probably just by our name: A world for 3D makers.


Just kidding. Really, tell us about 3D Maker World? You may use all the words you like…

We are a start-up company focusing on 3D printing technology. We design and manufacture desktop 3D printers, and also supply 3D printing materials and parts. We believe 3D printing technology is going to revolutionize the way we create and innovate, and are very proud to be part of this technology wave to deliver high quality products to serve the 3D printing community.


Does 3D Maker World have a store front? Where should we go if we want to purchase a 3D Printer, Filament, or Parts & Accessories from you guys?

Currently, we only have online store fronts. Our main web store is at com. We also sell on Amazon and eBay. For 3D printers, we do free local delivery.


Okay, last, but not least why choose Maker Faire Kansas City?

Maker Faire Kansas City is a great event to promote the Maker Movement in our community. This is also a unique opportunity for us to meet many fascinating makers and creators in this area.


BONUS QUESTION – What do you want us to know about 3D Maker World ?

We are very proud to sponsor the Maker Faire Kansas City. Please come to visit us on June 27th and 28th. You will see our 3D printers in action and get a chance to see our new product release.



3D Maker World (www.3dmakerworld.com) is a U.S.-based 3D printing technology company. It designs and manufactures professional-grade consumer 3D printers and accessories, and supplies high-quality 3D printing materials and components to the global 3D printing market. The company is dedicated to advance 3D printing technology with constant innovation and engineering excellence, and provide a high standard of service to the 3D printing community. The company is located in Overland Park, Kansas.