Meet the Maker: Nerdbots

  In ten words or less, tell us about Nerdbots? NB: We create found object robot sculptures out of recycled materials. What is the inspiration for your projects? NB: We both really love robots and just sort of stumbled into this after making one for ourselves many years back. We love scouting out our partsContinue Reading

Announcing 2015 Maker Faire KC Sponsors

Every year, we are amazed and thankful for all of the community support we receive for Maker Faire Kansas City – whether it is in an investment in the Maker movement or an in-kind donation, every bit of support matters. We are proud to announce our Maker Faire Kansas City sponsors and partners for 2015.  Continue Reading

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Call for Makers Extended

SPECIAL ANNOUCEMENT: Call for Makers extended until Tuesday, May 26! Coming fresh from California, the Maker Faire KC team is super inspired. We’ve been connecting with awesome Makers and their projects. And we’ve been encouraged by local and non-local Makers to extend our deadline just a little bit more. You have asked, and you areContinue Reading

Science fun and Booms – Dry Ice Demos!

Jeff Rosenblatt returns this week with a Dry Ice Demos! The Dry Ice Demo is relatively easy and low maintenance. It only requires a few materials – dry ice, Hot Water, and a large container with a lid! So what is happening? The temperature of dry ice is -109 degrees F, while hot water can beContinue Reading

Science City Continues to Prep for Maker Faire Kansas City

We went from firenados… to Balloons?! Don’t let that word fool you, because Jeff Rosenblatt, Director of Science City Exhibits, demo-ed some Hydrogen Balloons for us today. He is prepping for his show for Maker Faire Kansas City on June 27-28, 2015. It is gonna be cool, so keep in touch with us weekly as weContinue Reading

FIRENADO hits Maker Faire Kansas City

Science City is prepping for Maker Faire Kansas City 2015. And get ready because… THE FIRENADO IS HERE! (fire + tornado.. duh!) Jeff Rosenblatt, Science City Director, shared a test run of his ‘super-sized’ Firenado! Firenados can be natural occurrences in the right conditions. The rotating mesh screen pulls air into the flame, compressing it whichContinue Reading

The Power of Makerspaces

As Maker Faire Kansas City gets closer and closer, we forget to take the time to really help others understand the power of Making and Makerspaces. It’s more than just fun gadgets and gizmos. Its about a significant change that has occurred in our society. Aiden Wolfe’s article “How to Turn Any Classroom Into a Makerspace”Continue Reading

Maker Faire Keeps On Growing!

Maker Faire Kansas City is growing, growing, growing! But we aren’t the only ones. Maker Faire around the world has seen an impressive growth in 2014. Mini Faires are popping up around every corner and the number of Feature Faires are rising as well! We are dang proud to be in our Fifth Year withContinue Reading

Maker, A Documentary

“Maker” is a feature-length documentary on the Maker Movement and its impact on society, culture and economy in the U.S. From the producers of the internationally acclaimed “Design & Thinking,” “Maker” is a feature-length documentary that looks into the current Maker Movement in America – a new wave of Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-Together culture fueled byContinue Reading

Valentine’s Day Treat!

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. Give your special someone the gift of Making! Plan ahead and bring your loved one to Maker Faire KC, taking place here at Union Station June 27-28. It’s the fourth largest attended Faire in the United States and this year will be celebrating its fifth anniversary! GetContinue Reading