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Even though the Maker Faire Season is over…

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Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention: Maker Faire

If you missed it last Thursday, KCPT’s “The Local Show” had a segment about Maker Faire KC, see their description and clip below. Also don’t forget to checkout our friends at ParkVille! They are organizing the second Mini Maker Faire over there  Details are below. “Last month, Union Station hosted Maker Faire to allow DIYers to showContinue Reading

KCUR covers Maker Faire and highlights local Maker

The KC Currents radio show came to Maker Faire and covered the event and highlighted local maker Michael Curry and his masterful work in 3d printing. You can listen to the clip and see a few photos that KC Currents intern Brenna Daldorph took by clicking on the link below. Printing the Future … in 3-D  Continue Reading

Power Wheels Racing

Did you miss any of the racing action at Maker Faire last weekend? Check out videos of the action below. Grave Digger vs. The Wall Grave Digger clipped the tire wall at full speed about 15 minutes into the endurance race on Sunday. Power Racing Series 2011 Endurance Start The 1 hour 15 minute enduranceContinue Reading

Video Compilation from Star Base Projects

Star Base Projects / Maker Faire 2011 from texjer on Vimeo.   All of the portraits from the Maker Faire 2011 in Kansas City, played back in sequence. Project by artists Tex Jernigan and Jared Wilson. Each of these portraits was produced in the .gif image format, short looping animated portraits which are created by asking the participants toContinue Reading

Dale Dougherty Speaks About the Maker Faire Movement

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The Future in One Slide: Tim O’Reilly’s Speech to Makers

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Sparks Of Magic: Vignettes From Maker Faire KC

It’s mid-afternoon Saturday: The great hall at Union Station is packed, shoulder to shoulder. There’s a crowd at the far end, straining to see the ArcAttack! Show of singing Tesla coils and a willing volunteer plucked from the audience to dance along to the electric music. There’s a lineup of kids near the bike thatContinue Reading

Meet the Maker: Ray Scheufler

Ray Scheufler is a freshly graduated computer engineer.  He enjoys designing circuits in his free time.  If it has not been done before, he might take a crack at it. Clocks, Clocks, Clocks At Maker Faire, Scheufler is bringing three different types of clocks that he built himself.  The internet clock uses the internet to set itself.  The logic clockContinue Reading

Meet the Maker: Super Awesome Sylvia

Super Awesome Sylvia and her equally awesome parents, TechNinja and CraftNinja. are coming to Maker Faire KC. If you haven’t heard of her, she is a young girl on the West Coast who started an instructional video series called “Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Mini-Maker Show” that shows audiences how to make cool projects from rockets to clay putty, side-walk chalk to moldingContinue Reading