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IBOT To Fight Evil At Maker Faire

            IBOT (Iron Brothers of Topeka) is a local Iron Man costuming group. Their motto? “Better living through technology for a better tomorrow, today!” Their mission? “To save the day from the evil forces of Professor Boredom and Ms. Dormancy Snore.”                          Continue Reading

Parents and Children Cooking Together

                Chef Mark Alan Chef Mark Alan’s series of “Parents and Children Cooking Together” classes have sold out all year long. If you have a child who likes to cook, or you just want to spend more time together as a family, this is the class for you.Continue Reading

The Power Wheels Racing Series

Come see grown men in souped-up children’s cars race around a track for bragging rights. The Power Wheels Racing Series will be running races throughout the day on Saturday and early in the day on Sunday. Below are some of the cars and racers that will be participating in the Power Wheels Racing Series. LittleContinue Reading

Star Wars Lands At Maker Faire

    No, we’re not being invaded from outer space and, no, it’s not Halloween. The 70th Explorers Garrison is a subdivision of the 501st Legion, the world’s definitive Imperial costuming organization featuring the “bad guys” from the Star Wars Universe. The 70th Explorers Garrison consists of costumed members from the areas of Kansas and Missouri and theirContinue Reading

Meet the Maker: Amy Farrand

Amy Farrand is a musician, artist and performer, as well as a science nerd. She likes to repurpose other people’s junk and make new things. She loves finding new solutions to problems, making other people think, and testing limits. She pushes even her own personal boundaries. The Experimental Instrument Orchestra At Maker Faire, Farrand will be presenting the Experimental InstrumentContinue Reading

Maker Faire Program Guide Now Available

Maker Faire is just around the corner and the schedule has finally arrived. Check out the details below and start getting excited. Click the pages for a better view.                                                                Continue Reading

Meet the Maker: Jeanee Duval

Jeanee Duval is a professional graphic designer for Hallmark Cards, Inc. by day and a crafter with a love for cute by night. She first started to make aprons and then discovered cupcake bath fizies were her niche. Duval makes bath bombs in mini cupcake shapes, handmaking the fizzies in her home kitchen. She mixes the ingredients,Continue Reading

Meet the Maker: Erica Binns

Erica Binns first started sewing in earnest after she visited a quilt show with her mom. She saw a design and fell in love. After that, she couldn’t resist making one for herself. The quilt sparked dozens of other projects, including her first Renaissance garb, but her true calling when she discovered anime at theContinue Reading

Meet the Maker: Christa Casebeer

Christa Casebeer owner and founder of Nerd Girl Yarns is a knitter and spinner who enjoys all types of fiber arts. She uses both drop spindles and spinning wheels and loves experimenting with different types of fiber and color. She has been knitting for many years and appreciates all types of natural fibers: commercial or handspun.  She knitsContinue Reading

Meet the Maker: Brock DeBoer

Brock DeBoer lives and produces work in Kansas City, Mo. In his studio in the old City Ice Building, he produces everything from sinks to dinnerware to porcelain rocks. He is always searching for a new process or tool to help facilitate his ideas and mediums. Typically the work that he produces is wheel-thrown or slip-cast from aContinue Reading