Get Involved in the Maker Movement!

What is the Maker Movement? Join us on a journey to learn about the Maker Movement and use what you learn onsite at Maker Faire. We will provide a handbook and orientation that will give you an inside look at what it takes to put on Kansas City’s Greatest Show and Tell. For no cost but your time, you will be able to join us onsite and experience the joy of the Maker Movement. Food Vouchers will be provided for volunteers working for a total of 8 hours.

“Makers start with that simple idea to do something, which is why we call it DIY, but soon they find out that there are lots of people like you out there. When you find others, you have a community and that community offers a place to show your work, trade tools and swap ideas, and just have fun. And this isn’t just for some people, or just people who like air cannons.” -founder of the Maker Movement, Dale Dougherty,

Help us make the world a better place by learning more about the Maker Movement!

Time Commitments

You will need to attend a volunteer orientation and at least one 3-4 hour shift. Of course, our hope is that you will enjoy working with us at Maker Faire and want to participate throughout the weekend. We’re happy to work with you on your schedule in terms of breaks and time off to experience Maker Faire on your own.

Perks for Volunteering at least 3 hours or more:

  • Maker Faire T-shirt
  • Day Pass to Maker Faire

Additional Perks for Volunteering at least 8 hours or more:

  • Food Voucher (for 8 hours or more)

What Will I Do?

The following is a list of positions available to volunteers. There will be a place on your application to indicate your preferred position. Flexible volunteers are always appreciated.

Set-up:  Volunteers will assist Makers in finding their space and helping them with setting up their space. Set-up volunteers will also connect Makers with staff help for electricity or wi-fi issues after they locate their space; four-hour shifts. (Friday, June 27:  morning, afternoon)

Greeters: Volunteers will be at each entrance to Maker Faire, handing out maps and programs and guiding guests to specific attractions; three-hour shifts. (Sat/Sun: morning, afternoon, evening)

Registration Station (Maker Central):  Volunteers will hand out packets to Makers checking in on Friday and Saturday morning; hand out media badges; hand out volunteer materials; assist with general information; three-to-four-hour shifts.  (Friday June 27: morning, afternoon; Saturday June 28:  morning, afternoon, evening; Sunday June 29, morning, afternoon)

Maker Stage Assistants: Volunteers will help usher speakers to the education stage area, track time to keep the presentations running smoothly, and assist webcast crew with various needs. Preferably, this would be a person 21 years or older who has previously volunteered at the event and is highly organized and punctual; three-hour shifts. (Sat/Sun:  morning, afternoon/evening)

Photography: Volunteers will roam the event, indoors and out, and capture video footage and still photos of activity. Familiarity with operating hand-held video and digital cameras required; download station provided by Digital Evolution Group. Volunteers must bring their own cameras; two-to-three hour shifts. (Friday, June 27: morning, afternoon; Saturday, morning, afternoon; Sunday, morning, afternoon)

Outdoor Faire Assistant: Volunteers will serve as needed for all outside activities, including serving as runners for Zone Captains, and will be break relief for other volunteers; three-hour shifts. (Fri/Sat/Sun, morning, 3 afternoon, 2 evening – Saturday)

Indoor Faire Assistant: Volunteers will serve as needed for all indoor activities, including serving as runners for Zone Captains, and will be break relief for other volunteers; four-hour shifts (Fri/Sat/Sun, morning, afternoon, evening – Saturday)

Tear-down: Volunteers will assist Makers in taking down their exhibits and transporting paper and recycling trash from individual booths to containers; 5-9 pm on Sunday.

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Background screening is required for all volunteers.

Volunteer space is limited.